28 Sep 2012

Koh by Ian Kittichai – A Restaurant Week Review

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This week is Restaurant Week in India (Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore), which is a wonderful concept that offers you a chance to dine at some of the finest restaurants in the city without breaking the bank! Restaurants come up with a prix fixe menu that showcases their culinary ethos; you pay a fixed price and enjoy good food amidst great ambience. If that sounds interesting, take a look here; it’s on till September 30th, though reservations may be a bit difficult. The fixed price is INR 1,000 for lunch & INR 1,200 for dinner, per person, plus taxes.

We opted to dine at Koh, Ian Kittichai’s signature Thai restaurant at Mumbai’s Intercontinental Hotel, located at Marine Drive. Ian Kittichai is a celebrated chef, with restaurants in New York & Bangkok, and of course Koh, in Mumbai – which has won the Times Food Award for Best Thai twice in a row. The Restaurant Week menu looked promising and we were looking forward to some great Thai food. The good folks at Restaurant Week and The Intercontinental accommodated us despite there being a wait list, and for that I’m grateful.

The ambience of Koh does not follow the clichéd ‘Asian’ restaurant mode; it’s understated, with clean lines and slight dashes of colours – it looks every inch the fine dining place that it is. 

We started with the amuse bouche – a tasty little vegetarian parcel of minced Thai veggies wrapped in pak choi leaf; the Kaprow Sauce dressing came in a ‘dropper’ and was added at the table.

It was accompanied by a ‘shot’ of soup – golden corn and coconut ‘white’ tom kha espresso, which was hot, flavourful and absolutely hit the right spot!

Next, came a papaya salad, dressed with an indifferent Thai vinaigrette and liberally sprinkled with crushed peanuts. This was the only bit of lunch that was a letdown.

Then we had a perfectly poached fillet of Vietnamese sea perch, which was dressed with chilli, lime and cilantro and accompanied by oven roasted broccoli. The fish fillet practically melted in the mouth; the dressing was a tad sour for my taste, though. The broccoli – yummy!

Next up, steamed jasmine rice with green curry; you have a choice of chicken or shrimp. I chose the shrimp & the husband opted for chicken. The curry was delicious, with pieces of aubergine and water chestnuts; the shrimp and chicken were also well-cooked. The portion of rice was surprisingly large and we made quite a hearty meal of it.

Dessert was a “Fru’noffie Wedge” – a delectable treat of salty caramel, dressed with whipped cream and fruits, with a peanut crunch at the bottom. The layered dessert was beautifully textured and was a fitting end to our lunch date!

I’d definitely recommend Koh, and not just during Restaurant Week. Go beyond Pad Thai ;)


  1. that seems like a very good spread...I am in two minds about restaurant weeks...spend on tasting menus or spend the amount on one dish that would would really like...of course tasting menu helps when one is unsure and wants to try a range sp in new places

    1. I share your concerns Kalyan, that's why this is only the first time I've ventured into RWI! I had heard not-so-good reviews about other places, so was a bit apprehensive. I had wanted to Koh for a long time and it was well worth the visit, I must say :) Except the salad, everything else was great!

  2. I am a foodie and love your post. Thanks for sharing