20 Sep 2012

A Glimpse of Kerala – through 40 Tweets! (Part 2)

And here’s Part 2, in continuation of my earlier blog post. I had said that I’ll be splitting this across 2 posts, but I guess it’ll have to be 3, since there is so much to share!

September 13, 2012

Masala dosa and kaapi for breakfast. Now off for a backwater cruise, with a bunch of French tourists #Kerala
This was the first breakfast at Saj Home and it was simple, yet delicious, home-cooked fare.

After breakfast, Saj had arranged for us to join a half day backwaters cruise. A car came and fetched us and a group of 4 French tourists (from another hotel) and we were driven about 90 minutes away from Ernakulam. The houseboat was a larger version of a canoe, canopied and with chairs for passengers.

The cruise was through the backwaters towards Vembanad Lake, the largest one in Kerala. It’s a wonderful experience cruising down the backwaters, with only the sounds of the water and birds calling to each other (provided you don’t have noisy co-passengers!).

On the way, we stopped off to see a coir-making unit and another halt (just before lunch) to see indigenous spice plants.

Saw the Vanilla plant for the first time!

A traditional veg #Kerala 'thali' on a banana leaf, yum! Best aviyal I've eaten :)
We were served a delicious vegetarian meal, cooked in one of the homes in the village where we stopped. I couldn’t stop eating the aviyal & indeed the rest of the meal. And this coming from a certified non-vegetarian!

After lunch, we cruised some more, through narrow backwaters and also got caught in the rains!

I'm at Kashi Art Cafe (Kochi, Kerala) http://4sq.com/SfyhEg 
After the backwaters cruise, we came back to Fort Kochi and rambled about a bit and then decided to head to a cafe recommended by two friends, as well as ranked no. 2 by Tripadvisor.

Chilling at Kashi Art Cafe, Fort Kochi. As recommended by@inindiaperamore and @desh (and Tripadvisor)
Kashi Art Cafe is one of the popular joints on Fort Kochi, especially with tourists. It’s a great place to while away some time and eat well! Its menu is limited but the portions are very generous.

International #Chocolate Day treat - the yummy Chocolate Cake from Kashi Art Cafe, Fort Kochi #Kerala@inindiaperamore @desh
The Chocolate Cake at Kashi is very highly recommended, so we picked up a slice and brought it back with us to our hotel. It was good cake, but not OMG good!

End of Post 2! Third (and final) post will be up in a couple of days...

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  1. Oh wow the first photo is so serene, like a dream.
    The vanilla plant is so cool right? If you wouldnt know its vanilla, u d get rid of it in your garden, it just looks like a wild unusefull plant. I got one in my garden too. Its a small one, it will need some more time until it gives me some vanilla. =D

    1. Vanilla in your garden? I'm jealous, Helene! Though I did buy a bunch of vanilla pods from Fort Kochi, so much cheaper than what you get in Bombay!

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