15 Apr 2014

Why Rome still remains the Eternal City

To Rome With Love – I remember watching this delightful Woody Allen film a few days before I left for Italy and I couldn’t get over how impossibly beautiful the city looked. Or for that matter in Eat, Pray, Love – I stopped watching after the ‘eat’ part! Or in its black & white glory in Fellini’s La Dolce Vita and overshadowing the combined beauty of Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday. Surely a place cannot be that beautiful, I thought - until I got there. 

So when the daily prompt for BootsnAll’s 30 Days of Indie Travel Art Project threw up ‘poetry’, I thought no place other than Rome could do ‘poetic justice’. However, poetry is not quite my strong suit so I’m going to attempt couple of haikus for this photographic jaunt through Rome. I hope it makes you yearn to visit the eternal city. I know I will be going back; after all I did toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain!

9 Apr 2014

And the results of the Giveaway are out!

A huge thanks to everyone to everyone who participated in the giveaway hosted here on the blog last week! A special thanks to everyone who spread the word by sharing and retweeting - you guys are the best :) 

We received a bunch of interesting and fun replies and it was quite difficult for Rushina & me to pick the winners. Without further ado, here are the lucky folks.

Congratulations, Saroj Savla and Karishma Shah - you've both won a signed copy of Rushina's book "A Pinch of This, A Handful of That".

Congratulations, Margaret Fernandes and Hansu Pardiwala - you've both won a spot on a special cook-up to be held at APB Cook Studio. Details will be announced soon. 

Please email me your contact details (address & contact number) so that I can connect regarding the prizes.

Apart from the cook-up, we are also coming up with something special - to be launched soon, so stay tuned! Follow on Twitter and 'like' on Facebook to stay updated.

3 Apr 2014

Culinary Souvenirs, and an Awesome Giveaway for you

Do you bring back souvenirs from your travels? Of course you do! I'm not talking about the duty-free perfumes from Dubai or bags of H&M clothing from Europe! A memento, big or small, that will remind you of your time spent in a foreign land - whether it's a bell from a unique temple in Almora, Uttarakhand or brilliantly-coloured glass jewellery from Murano, Italy


And nothing brings back memories as strongly as the taste of the food you savour on your travels. I often find myself skipping the clothes and shoes (but NOT handbags!) and picking up things to eat, things to cook with, things that smell of the place left behind - culinary souvenirs that I hold dear... till I eat / drink / cook with them. 

So the vanilla beans I bought from Kerala have gone into many a dessert and the herb salt from Hallstatt, Austria's ancient salt mine have flavoured several pasta dishes. Culinary souvenirs from Italy were many, from truffle butter to Chianti wine, from delectable salame to limoncello - so many reminders of the flavours of my favourite destination. From Innsbruck, Austria I picked up a small bottle of raspberry liqueur, which recently went into making this gorgeous No-bake Dark Chocolate Tart. A generous splash of the liqueur in the chocolate ganache and the tart's flavour lifted considerably...

Now, over to you…

17 Mar 2014

Why Sweden should be on your bucket-list

Have you ever tried Swedish food? Neither have I - that is, until last week when I was invited for a taste of Swedish food at the residence of the Consul General of Sweden in Mumbai. Till then Sweden had not featured much in my list of dream destinations (read Where will you be travelling to in 2014) as say Italy, with which I am positively obsessed (read 5 reasons you’ll love Venice)! So I jumped at the chance of sampling a cuisine I had never tried and to know more about why you should “Try Swedish”.
Image courtesy http://www.imagebank.sweden.se/

4 Mar 2014

How to make Genius Overnight Oats

Confession: I hate oats. Given a chance, I would never touch the cereal that tastes like cardboard. I have tried making porridge, have tried adding fruits and nuts and honey and cinnamon and what-have-you. Still yucky… So why am I writing about it? And better yet, why is this post called “Genius Overnight Oats”? Coz this non-recipe is the best way that I have found to eat oats – a super-food that is heart-friendly, helps in reducing risk of Type II diabetes and helps you maintain your weight. It’s precisely for these reasons that I try to eat at least 2 oats-based breakfasts every week, but I have never really enjoyed them. That is until I received a newsletter from Food52 – a website that I totally recommend; super recipes and some delicious food photography. It’s choc-a-bloc with useful tips and meal ideas. 

Their newsletter came with “How to make overnight oats without a recipe”, so I thought, well it’s worth a shot. It’s a no-cook recipe, or rather a non-recipe – very as-you-like-it kind of a thing. And I loved it! It’s made me a convert. I think my problem was the hot, cooked oats with its thick, gluggy consistency, which is quite off-putting. With overnight oats, that problem was resolved. It’s a great make-ahead breakfast, perfect for time-strapped folks – make it the night before and in the morning you can just grab and go!