13 Feb 2017

Eat Like A Local: Spain

Spanish food beyond tapas - Where (and what) to eat in Spain

I squint at the menu in the low light of the restaurant at Hotel San Antonio el Real in Segovia in central Spain. When I read the description of Cochinillo Asado I know instantly what I’m having for dinner. The whole roast suckling pig is a Segovian specialty and is cooked in a huge wood-fired oven. My plate arrives with a large piece of pork shoulder, with a golden brown, crispy and flavourful skin, and as I sink my fork the insides are soft and juicy. 

Roast suckling pig from Segovia © INSTITUTO DE TURISMO DE ESPAÑA

31 Jan 2017

Eat Like A Local: Pondicherry

What to eat and where in Pondicherry / Puducherry

Here are my recommendations on eating out in Pondicherry. For a list of best cafes, see my previous post Smell The Coffee: Pondicherry

Most of these restaurants are located in the French Quarter since we stayed at a hotel in this neighbourhood. We did venture into the Tamil Quarter once for what turned out to be our best meal! We also tried an 'eating with a local' experience, which was stellar. Read on. 

5 Jan 2017

Smell The Coffee: Pondicherry

These are the best cafes in Pondicherry / Puducherry 

New Year, new series! 

Since I spend so much time in cafes when I travel, I thought I'd start cataloguing some of my favourites, city-wise. Starting this series off with the last place I visited - Pondicherry / Puducherry / Pondy. 

So if you're planning to visit Pondicherry, these are the places to go for your cuppa joe (and one place to avoid).

31 Dec 2016

In Photos: The Doors (& Windows) of Pondicherry

On this last day of 2016, here's looking ahead at the New Year, at the new doors of experiences it will open, and the windows of opportunity waiting for you. 

Capping off an incredible year of travel with a short visit to Pondicherry / Puducherry, where the French aesthetic still lingers on, best seen in the Gallic-inspired facades of houses that line the streets of the White Town or French Quarter. 

20 Dec 2016

In Photos: The dwarfs of Wroclaw

When I was researching where to go in Poland, one of the cities that really stood out to me was Wroclaw. Not because it was Poland's fourth largest city. 

Not because of its history in terms of being passed from the erstwhile Bohemia and Prussia to Germany, and finally to Poland. 

And not just because it was the European Capital of Culture for 2016. 

What caught my attention the most was the sheer number of dwarf statues dotting the city! At last count, there were 400 of these cheeky fellows all over. But who put them there, and why? 

Hipster Dwarf with laptop & coffee